Hector Barbossa

Captain Hector Barbossa


Barbossa as a pirate.

Curse of The Black PearlEdit

Hector Barbossa is a buccaneering pirate in the Caribbean. For a short while he was the first mate of The Black Pearl until he mutinied his captain Jack Sparrow. He sailed away with the Pearl for a few years but he and his crew stole the Aztec gold and had a curse apon him. In order to lift the curse he had to return all the coins to the chest. He and his crew kidnapped Elizabeth Swann when they realized that she had the last one. They took her to the Isla de Muerta and started a search for her. Will Turner and Jack Sparrow got away with Elizabeth but they were caught and Barbossa made them walk the plank. They escaped, found Barbossa, and after a fight he was killed by Captain Jack. Jack took the Pearl back and sailed away.

At Worlds EndEdit

Hector Barbossa was raised from the dead by the mistic Tia Dalma. He then came aboard the Pearl with Jack and they argued over it for a few mounths untill the battle with the East India Trading Company and Davy Jones agenst the Brethren Court. They all worked together and won the battle. Jack then sailed the Pearl to Tortuga but while he was out and about on the island Barbossa sailed away with the Pearl once again.

On Stranger TidesEdit

While Hector Barbossa was captain of the Black Pearl he got in a fight with the dreaded pirate Blackbeard. Blackbeard magicly shrunk the Pearl and put it in a bottle with the power of the Sword of Tiron. Barbossa lukily excaped, joined the Royal Navy, and became a privateer. His job was to find the Fountain of Youth for the king. He found it but didn't want to drink the water and live forever he wanted to kill Blackbeard and that's what he ended up doing. He took Blackbeards sword, crew, and his famous ship The Queen Anne's Revenge.


Hector Barbossa as a Privateer

Barbossa as a Privateer

Hector Barbossa has a large black hat with a blue feather. he has a black sword bag and a black body and pants. His face has a brown beard
Hector Barbossa peg leg

Barbossa as a privateer.

and black eyes. Barbossa as a pirate only appears in the Isla de Muerta set.

Barbossa also appears as a privateer. He has a black hat with golden lining. He has a sword bag and a blue waistcoat along with his peg leg. Barbossa as as a privateer only appears in the Fountain of Youth set.