James Norrington

James Norrington.

James Norrington was a commodor working for the Royal Navy. He was friends with the Governor and he fought coragously during the raid on Port Royal. He later reigned and went to Tortuga. He met Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs and got in a huge bar fight. He later came with Jack and Elizabeth Swann and found the Heart of Davy Jones and got in a three way duel at The Mill with Jack and Will Turner over the key to the chest. James ended up with the heart and he gave it to Cutler Backett so that he could have his job back. After that he became an Admiral but before the war between the East India Trading Comapny and the Brethren Court he was killed by Will's father Bootstrap Bill.


James Norrington has long brown hair. He has an old blue coat and ripped up blue pants. Norrington's head is a two sided face. One side is a smile face and the other is a stern face. James Norrington only appears in The Mill set and he never appears as a commodore.