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Joshamee Gibbs.


Joshamee Gibbs is Jack Sparrow's loyal first mate. In most of the movies he was first mate aboard The Black Pearl but part of the first movie he was first mate aboard The HMS Interceptor. Gibbs is in all the movies and he is always loyal to Captain Jack. Gibbs has gone on many adventures helping Jack with all his issues that he comes by. He loves sailing aboard the Pearl and knows the ship from stem to stern. Gibbs was the one who retreved The Black Pearl in the bottle for Captain Jack so that they could try and get it out. He also brought a whole sack full of other ships that Blackbeard has shrunk and put into bottles. Gibbs is also a run lover maybe even more then Captain Jack.



Joshamee Gibbs has gray hair, a scruffy gray beard, and an old coat. Gibbs has a two sided face. One side is grining and the other is a scared look.
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