The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl.

The Black Pearl box

The Black Pearl box.


The Black Pearl is the fastest ship in the world. It is the only ship that can outrun the dreaded ship The Flying Dutchman. It was mostly captained by Jack Sparrow and it sails across the Caribbean pillaging and plundering. It belonged to Jack Sparrow for two years but then he was mutinied by his first mate Hector Barbossa and most of his crew. Jack later got the Pearl back but only owned it for another year before it was sunk to Davy Jonesocker. He was rescued later and owned the Pearl for a short period until he was mutinied once again by Hector Barbossa. While Barbossa was in command he ran into the famous pirate Blackbeard and he had the Pearl magicly transfered into a bottle but luckily Barbossa escapes. Captain Jack ends up with the Pearl in the bottle and trys to find a way to get it out.

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The Black Pearl.




Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Joshamee Gibbs, Bootstrap Bill, Maccus, Davy Jones