The Queen Anne's Revenge.

Queen Anne's Revenge box

The Queen Anne's Revenge box.

The Queen Anne's Revenge
is the most feared ship on the seven seas. It is captained by the mighty Blackbeard and controled by the Sword of Tiron. Blackbeard's daughter Angelica is the first mate aboard the Revenge and she gives most of the orders. The Queen Anne's Revenge set sail for the Fountain of Youth once Jack Sparrow was aboard because he knew the way and Blackbeard needed to get there but they had to sail to Whitecap Bay first. The Revenge helped in the mermaid fight by shooting fire out of the bow of the ship witch was called Greek Fire. Blackbeard made it to the Fountain of Youth but was killed by Hector Barbossa before he could drink the water. Barbossa took The Revenge and her crew for himself along with the Sword of Tiron and they set sail for Tortuga. The rest of the history of this ship is unknown.

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The Queen Anne's Revenge.




Blackbeard, Angelica, Jack Sparrow, Cook, Quarter Master Zombie, Gunner Zombie, Yeoman Zombie